I help “grown-ass” adults navigate the big changes & shifts of midlife.

I coach, create content & programs for men and women who are going through changes, transitions, the reinvention and introspection, the life events, the rough patches, inevitable ups, downs, and uncharted territory that we all face as we hit midlife… aka. Advanced Adulting.

One part of your life may be perfect, but…

… another area might be be a train wreck or simply not what you expected or envisioned for yourself.

Maybe it’s your career, marriage or relationships, children, health, mindset, or finances.

You may be facing a change or transition you NEVER anticipated, like finding yourself single and dating again after being married for 15+ years; hating your soul sucking job and thinking “what do I want to be when I grown up… the second (or 3rd) time; death of a parent; depression, lonliness, health issues; being an empty nester or single parent.

Maybe you ‘ve achieved what was “expected” of you… but now it’s time for YOU.

Maybe you feel your aren’t as far along as you thought you’d be by now and there has to be more.

Maybe you just feel it’s time for you to LIVE fully & authentically for the rest of your time here.

You're in the right place. 

Midlife dating can be tough.

3 months into a relationship is too long to realize "He isn't who I though he was"  or  "I missed the 🚩." 
This Advanced Adulting Midlife Dating Course tackles one of the biggest challenges of midlife dating, relationships and jumping back in after a divorce. 

Everyone is a rock star on the first couple of dates... then you realize they're full of 💩


Midlife dating can be tough.

 Sometimes we don't see the 🚩 until it's too late.  

Click below and I'll share Six (6) simple words that can save you from wasting weeks or months on the wrong person. 

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