$150.00 USD

REAL | An Advanced Adulting Midlife Relationship Course | How to quickly cut through BS & get REAL


Have you ever started a relationship only to discover way too late that he wasn’t the person you were led to believe or they appeared so awesome in the very beginning, but you missed some major red flags 🚩until it was too late? 

This Advanced Adulting Midlife Dating Course tackles one of the biggest challenges of midlife dating, relationships and jumping back in after a divorce... finding the right person and not being swayed by "bright shiny objects." "smooth talk" and charm or your own baggage and blind spots.

You'll learn what to ASK, SAY, & LISTEN FOR for so you can QUICKLY discover if someone is REAL, authentic and worth your time, effort, & heart.

What you'll get in this program

  • 12+ Video Lessons + Interactive Homework 
  • Exclusive Facebook Group & Community
  • 3 LIVE Office Hours & Q&A via Zoom with Bradley Richardson


3 FREE Start Over School Videos

  1. How to Spot Scammers 
  2. Ghosting 
  3. Online Dating @ Midlife


What Former Students Are Saying:

“I love the tips you gave regarding questions to ask, the energy to bring to the date, what a man is thinking when he says certain things.

“I’ve learned how to be aware of bright shiny object distractions... I’ve learned how to ask better questions, and what red flags to pay attention to and then step away from. This was pretty eye-opening for me."

Consider taking this course if you find yourself getting swept away by words while first dating & ignore warning signs.